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3rd Millennium Learning - Making a start!
ICT Mark and SRF Consultation Event
First, ICT is one of the central "skills for learning and life which should be developed across the curriculum.", along with literacy, numeracy and personal development.

Secondly, ICT should support and be developed in the six proposed "areas of learning":

• Understanding English, communication and languages;
• Mathematical understanding;
• Scientific and technological understanding;
• Historical, geographical and social understanding;
• Understanding physical development, health and well-being;
• Understanding the arts.

QCA and Becta are working together to develop a revised curriculum for ICT based on Sir Jim's report and have asked for Naace members' input on ICT. We have set up a series of wikis where you can post your commentsabout:
• the aspects of ICT capability which should be included in the essentials for learning and life
• how ICT should contribute to each of the areas of learning

Please let us have your ideas, and if you have experience of the curriculum in another country, feed that in too!
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